Water Heater Blankets to Save Energy

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You can reduce the heat loss from your water heater by setting up an outside blanket of fiberglass insulation. This is one of the most common and effective water-heating energy-conservation measures offered. Most older water heaters have only an inch of fiberglass, and most more recent ones have an inch of foam insulation. Neither of these insulation levels is appropriate for reducing heat loss though suggests Water Heater Repair Annapolis.

Water Heater Repair Annapolis

Most newer water heaters have reasonably high insulation, so to see if you would benefit from an insulation blanket, simply put your hands on the beyond the heater. If it feels warm to the touch, then you can conserve cash by covering it.

Water-heater blankets come in kits, which likewise contain bands and/or tape to hold the blanket on. The bands hold the insulation to the water heater, and the tape seals the vertical seam in the insulation. With electric water heaters, you could insulate the top of the tank. With gas water heaters, don’t insulate the top. With electric water heaters, note where 2 rectangular covers offer access to the thermostats and aspects, one near the top and one near all-time low on the side of the tank. Cut little trap doors in the insulation to offer access to these panels. On gas water heaters leave 2 inches of clearance in between the insulation and the gas valve and burner gain access to door.

With electric water heaters, you insulate the tank’s top. With gas you insulate just the sides.

All gas and electric water heaters are insulated with either 1″ of foam (R-Value of roughly 8) or 2″ of foam (R-Value of roughly 16) to fulfill ASHRAE requirements for efficiency, effectiveness and stand-by loss when checked to the Department of Energy procedures.

A few of the endorsements from utility company or public service commission throughout the US are from the following:  Pennsylvania Public Utility CommissionIowa Energy CenterOhio Consumer CouncilFlorida Public Service CommissionMassachusetts Department of Public Utilities, and Reliant Energy Texas.

Some regional codes and utility company policies might forbid insulation blankets. Too frequently, residents have good objectives but unconsciously creates some risks by

  • Covering safety cautions and running guidelines (these labels are not to be gotten rid of from the heater and put on the blanket or somewhere else).
  • Covering controls, gain access to areas, shut-off devices, temperature level and pressure relief valves, and so on. Shutting out airway required for combustion or draft leading to harmful operation.

The following video shows how a blanket is installed:

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